Indulge in a symphony of gourmet mustard flavors with our Mustard Collection, where culinary artistry meets palate perfection. From the rich and fig-infused Madera Mustard Fig Sauce to the zesty Chucktown Mustard Rub and the sweet embrace of Vermont Maple Spice, this collection is a mustard lover's dream come true, offering a variety of exquisite tastes to elevate your dishes to new heights of flavor.
Our Spice Blend Starter Kit

Introducing our Spice Blend Starter Kit, a culinary treasure trove that brings joy and flavor to your kitchen adventures. This kit showcases three of our most beloved products, each crafted with meticulous care to elevate your culinary creations. Our Applewood BBQ Spice, the heart and soul of backyard BBQs, infuses your dishes with the warm embrace of Southern hospitality, offering a perfect balance of smoky richness and well-rounded flavors. Complementing it is our Pomegranate Picante BBQ Sauce, a symphony of sweetness and tanginess inspired by Southern traditions and global flavors, destined to transform your beef, pork, or chicken dishes into gourmet delights. Completing the trio is our Simply Perfect All-Purpose Spice, a versatile seasoning designed to be your kitchen companion in every culinary endeavor. With its delightful blend of herbs and spices, it adds enchantment to dishes, from comforting classics to exotic delights. Embrace this starter kit, and let every meal be a celebration of exceptional flavor and the artistry of your kitchen.

Bringing The Flavors Of The World To Your Kitchen

One of my favorite cooking memories is standing in a chair in front of the stove, stirring a pot of okra soup with grandma's guided hand assisting me in adding all sorts of spices and herbs, which I describe as 'dashes of love.'

Hi! I'm ShaDonna, but you can call me "Sha". My mission is to bring you
the absolute best quality ingredients from around the world to your dinner table.

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My husband and I love the Cafe' Au Lait coffee! We were able to use it in our Keurig reusable K-Cup pods, which was very convenient! The flavor was bold with a mellow finish. This coffee is worthy of becoming a regular staple in our home.

D & K Adams

Peyton, CO


Absolutely Scrumptious! This Black Cowboy edition spice and steak sauce was to die for

Towanna Hood

LPN, Virginia


I really like this coffee. It’s smooth and has a subtle classic coffee taste. Since I tried it, I haven’t gone back to my regular coffee (Seattle’s Best dark roast).

Maj. Orlandon Howard

Kansas City, MO