Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar

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 Indulge in the delicate charm of our Lavender Sugar, a culinary delight that infuses the sweet essence of lavender blossoms into fine granulated sugar. This enchanting fusion offers a symphony of flavors, where the floral notes of lavender harmonize with the natural sweetness of sugar, creating a unique and versatile ingredient for your kitchen. Whether sprinkled over freshly baked goods, stirred into tea or coffee, or used as a delightful garnish, our Lavender Sugar adds a touch of elegance to your culinary creations. Let the soothing aroma and gentle floral undertones transport you to a tranquil garden with every taste. Elevate your desserts and beverages with this exquisite infusion and discover the magic of Lavender Sugar, where sweetness meets the sublime in every bite. Embrace the elegance of our Lavender Sugar—a sophisticated blend crafted with care, featuring organically sourced lavender grown on the enchanting Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington State.


Pacific Lavender, Granulated Cane Sugar


  • Northwestern United States
  • Washington
** This Product Is Gluten Free

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